November 9, 2009

Statement of Purpose

Dear Readers,

Here it is: Post Number 1. This is a simple introduction, nothing very fancy. As you can see, the blog is still under construction. I'll be posting about once a week with things that I'm learning as an assistant at a literary agency. (I love my job but it was a short-term position and I am currently looking for similar long-term employment, to start in January.)

As someone on my way up, I'm hoping to share the everyday lessons I'm learning with anyone in the writing community who can benefit--writers, other people new to the publishing community, etc. I hate to see writers make silly mistakes in query letters that stop their great manuscript from becoming a great book. I'm also hoping that people with questions can use this as a safe forum. I am completely willing to be a resource--just please read through past comments and questions before you ask, otherwise it will start to get repetitive. Maybe other people will learn from my mistakes and my experiences.

And maybe publishing professionals--agents, editors, and whatnot--will stop by every once and a while to give me a correction or a helpful hint. I'll provide links to discussions that I find interesting, important, or insightful, and maybe add my own thoughts into the mix. I hope you will too.

I plan to keep adding to the list of links on the sidebar. These should include not only useful blogs but sites that can help someone getting started in a publishing career. If you're starting a career in publishing in the NYC area, email me! I'd love to get together in person or talk via email. You can never have enough connections or enough of a support system, especially starting out in a new career. Plus, I promise I'm friendly! I can provide references. :P

So...that's it for now. Until my first post of actual substance, goodbye, dear readers, and I hope to see you here again.



  1. good luck on this here journey~! :D

  2. Rayna it makes me ever so happy to see your blog! YAAY!

  3. Hey, found you via Twitter. I'm pretty new to the publishing biz myself, having just landed a job at St. Martin's Press as an editorial assistant last week. Before that, I was trying to break into publishing for a year. If you want to talk, feel free to email me or follow me at my blog,

  4. Just found you on Twitter. Wishing you luck, since I'm learning that working in publishing can be just as nerve-wracking as trying to *get* published.